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Curious Traveler

When you study up on a destination for your next big family adventure or your next weekend get away all sorts of interesting information pops up.

This is really fun to share with the curious traveler in your group. Curious travel kids love the unusual as well!!


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Quotes Travel LOVE

Travel and love…can you think of anything better? Ok, well I guess you could add chocolate and really good wine to the list! Quotes Travel LOVE give you a little bit of inspiration for travel...

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Travel Quotes by Mark Twain

Check out Mark Twain’s travel quotes for inspiration and a chuckle. Mark Twain, writer extraordinaire, was also a world traveler…..and a smart aleck. He loved to insult and toss out witticisms that included a...

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Dream: Are you living yours?

Living the dream   The travel bloggers that talk about living ‘the dream’ have stories like this: “We hopped off the corporate stress merry go round and took off!” “We sold everything we owned...


Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! Here in the United States, we celebrate Memorial Day to remember and honor our servicemen and women who died during service to our country. As a day of solemn remembering, I’ve...