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How to Pack a Suitcase

Some people, like me LOVE to pack a suitcase! And so much of the fun is what to pack in that suitcase for each person and how to pack that suitcase!  For me, it means thinking about an upcoming family vacation and a fun adventure. Others wait until the last minute to throw things in a suitcase. There is no wrong way, BUT there is an efficient way!!

Learn how to pack a suitcase with the least amount of things you need. Think “Will I need this?’ not “I should bring this just in case…” because when you travel for multiple people, those little just in case extra things really add up.

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The VERY best packing tip EVER

It doesn’t take much researching or daydreaming about travel before the topic turns to packing. What to pack, how to pack, what to pack things in, what NOT to pack….Roll clothes vs fold clothes,...

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Air Travel and Stroller

Air Travel with children is stressful and preparation is KEY! Air Travel and stroller is a must when traveling with an infant. Airports are HUGE and it is crazy how much stuff a child...

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Choose the best travel shoe

Tips for choosing the BEST travel shoe The best travel shoe has support. You will be walking farther and standing longer than in your regular day to day activities and good support is important....