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Best Places to Visit in USA

The United States is a really big place! With almost 4 million miles of area and a population of 323 million it is a really, really big place!

I’m from the second largest state in the US – Texas. Texans are proud that everything in Texas is bigger! There is a LOT to see here!

Austin – largest urban bat colony in the world

Fall Foliage in Texas – Yes, it does exist!

Which states are the best ones for YOUR family vacations?

The Austin Postcard mural with family

courtroom, crazy laws Texas 1

Crazy laws – Texas

Texans are a proud bunch. I’m a native Houstonian so I certainly fall into the category of a proud Texan, too. Texans love that things are BIG in Texas. Texans love food! Texans even...

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Helicopter Ride New York City

New York City – From Above! New York City is a place filled with countless things to see and experience year-round. With great public transportation available, you can rest your tired feet and take...

Fun things to do in San Antonio, TX 1

Fun Things to Do in San Antonio

Texas is a BIG state with a BIG list of fun things to do! San Antonio has a totally different flavor than the other cities in Texas and is a must visit if you...

English High Tea in Austin 3

English High Tea in Austin

I love tea. I love all tea. I especially enjoy hot tea…year round. It’s 100 degrees outside in the Texas summer and I’m inside sipping hot tea most of the day. I like iced...

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Texas Places to Visit

Texas is the 2nd largest state in the United States, right behind Alaska, but most people think of it as the biggest. Perhaps because so much of Alaska is wide open places and Texas...

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The Oasis Austin – Menu and Information

Hidden in the Hill Country outside of Austin is the largest restaurant in the Western Hemisphere. This amazing restaurant and complex is a destination for anyone who visits Austin.   The Oasis Austin –...

fun things to do in dallas 14

Fun Things to Do in Dallas, Texas

Planning a Trip to Dallas – the “Big D” in Texas? It is a fun place to visit with the family and there are lots of things to do and see. Texas is larger...

fun things to do in houston 5

Fun Things to Do in Houston, Texas

I’ve heard so many negative things about visiting my hometown of Houston and I have to admit, I just don’t get it. Houston is a BIG place and has a BIG list of wonderful...

museum of osteology OKC 8

Osteology Museum in Oklahoma City

Osteology Museum in Oklahoma Museum We love exploring things when we travel – the sites that are high on everyone’s list of things to see and the things that are a bit off the...

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Facts on Oklahoma

The United States is so large it has a wide variety of places to visit. Each state is wonderfully unique with so much to offer. We lived in Tulsa for a few years and...