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Visit Spain

Spain is warm and Spain travel is such a fantastic place for a family vacation. Our visit was even more wonderful than we hoped it would be! Our multi- generational trip, including grandmother, aunt, parents, and two kids, was full of history, food, and experiences that helped us make memories to last a lifetime!

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Keep curious kids busy during the flight!

Spain is a great place for family vacations and it is easy to add seeing Gibraltar and Morocco as well! We did and enjoyed the visits so much.

Hotel in the Kasbah – Rock the Kasbah

Snake Charmer – A guy to see in the Kasbah Morocco

Gibraltar – Small Country but BIG caves!

The Educational Tourist in Gibraltar

paella recipes 2

Visit Spain – Paella, Churros, Tapas, Ham

Visit Spain – Paella, Churros, Tapas, Ham A fun part of any family adventure is trying new food. We love trying lots of different gelato flavors in Italy, cajun food in Louisiana and seafood...

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Facts about Spain – Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy in Spain – Facts about Spain *contains affiliate links* Learning While Traveling – Learn in more ways that you think. Everyone agrees that traveling is educational. You expand your horizons when you...

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Hotel Europa Madrid: Review

Hotel Europa: Visiting Madrid with KIDS Hotel Europa: Great service Hotel Europa has a very friendly staff who are available 24 hours a day. No matter what time of day you might need assistance...

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Hotel Don Miguel: Ronda, Spain

Hotel Don Miguel in Ronda, Spain Hotel Don Miguel: Location, location, location When talking real estate, whether you are buying, renting, or visiting, location is KING. Hotel Don Miguel was in the absolute BEST...

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Flamenco Dance – What to Do in Spain

Flamenco Dance – What to Do in Spain *may contain affiliate links* When in Spain you have to see a flamenco dance show. Isn’t that a rule somewhere? We really wanted to see one,...

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Christopher Columbus’ Tomb: Visit with Kids

Christopher Columbus’ Tomb: See it with the Kids Tombs and headstones are full of symbols and Christopher Columbus’ tomb is no exception. The larger the tomb, the more room for symbols. Taking the time...