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Places to visit in Greece

Greece is one of the best places to visit in the world and we loved our trip. It was so hard to choose between all of the options! We can’t wait to go back and see more Greek islands and more of the mainland, too.

Read about our first trip (One of many I hope!) to Greece in these posts:

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Books to read before you go! Kid’s books set in Greece

Santorini – Best of the Greek Islands

Athens to Santorini – Ferry or Airplane?

There is SO much to love about Greece! Enjoy your family vacation to this historical land full of cool things to see, fantastic food, lovely views and warm people.


food and scenes from Greece, greek salad, feta 2

Time in Greece – Places to Visit

Time in Greece – Places to Visit If you are looking for places to visit for family vacation, consider some time in Greece. After planning many, many travels my trip to Greece was the...

parthenon on acropolis in Athens, Greece 1

Things to Do in Athens Greece

Things to Do in Athens Greece Athens is an amazing place for family vacations. I have ALWAYS wanted to visit Greece and was thrilled that we were able to take our family adventure there...

Beach in Crete that says Tours in Greece: Tips for a GREAT trip 5

Greece Tours, Tips for Family Vacations

Should you book Greece tours during family vacations to Greece? We did! When you travel with kids, you need to be able to answer a HUGE amount of questions. Curious kids have lots of...

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Poet Sandal Maker – Athens, Greece

Poet Sandal Maker – Athens, Greece No visit to Athens, or anywhere else, would be complete without a few souvenirs. What should you buy? One of the most fun things to buy in Athens...

Visit Meteora with KIDS, Tips and hints 3

Visit Meteora Monasteries Greece with KIDS

Visit Meteora Monasteries Greece with KIDS Meteora is an easy and fantastic trip from Athens. We took the train and spent 2 fantastic days in this magical area. Mountains that rise straight up out...