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France with Travel Itinerary

France is often a part of a dream travel itinerary. Dreams of the City of Light and seeing the Eiffel Tower are something so many travelers want!!

Paris was something I just HAD to see on my very first trip to Europe and it was as amazing as I hoped! Take the kids and have a fantastic family vacation!

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Itinerary Paris – 4/5/6 days

The BEST Itinerary – Paris, the City of Light, in 4, 5, or 6 days! What to see in Paris on your next vacation. THE itinerary Paris for families or people who don’t want...

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How to Have a Great Family Trip to France

How to Have a Great Family Trip to France La Belle France It is debatably the single most popular tourist destination worldwide, and boasts nearly everything a traveler could hope for. Fascinating history; gorgeous...


I missed it.

I missed it. Travelers that dream of seeing the world often have their list of top places or sites they want to see. Those lists start developing early. My first item on the list...


Visit Paris with a TWEEN

How to Travel with a Tween So, traveling with a tween? Someone with one foot in the kid world and one foot in the grown up world? Unsure of what will be Ok and...


Kids in Paris Go Round and Round

Paris has a love affair with carousels. They are beautiful pieces of art which children love and make for a lovely activity as you explore a spectacular city. Carousels, or merry-go-rounds, were originally made...