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Things to Do in England

England is an easy family vacation to dip your toe into Europe. They speak English, enough the same as in the states but different enough to seem fun and exotic as something different. There are so many things to do in England! See Kensington Palace and Trafalgar Square. Don’t miss the British Museum which has amazing antiquities from around the world.

Try English food like fish and chips! The kids will love it.

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London Tube: Guest Post

A Quick Guide to London Underground Rail Network or “London Tube” “London Underground Rail Network or the London Tube is the most integral part of the inhabitants of UK. The route serves 12 tube...


Want to work for the Queen?

The Queen is hiring The British Monarchy has an official website for listing job openings. Work at a real castle! Buckingham Palace (London) St. Jame’s Palace (London) Windsor Castle (In Windsor, England) The Palace...

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Kids’ Books Set in London

Kids’ Books Set in London Make the MOST of any trip: To make the most out of any trip with kids you need to prepare them by letting them become familiar with what they...

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London Taxi Cabbies: Info and Tips

London Cabbies When you travel in any large city you’ll need transportation! In London you have lots of choices – the tube is a fun and very efficient choice and the buses are double...

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Tweens in London

Tweens in London Tweens are a special group to consider on a trip because they have a special way of making everyone miserable if they are less than happy. LOL! Keep them engaged so...

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Top Things to See in London

Top Things to See in London London is a GREAT stop on any overseas vacation and is often the first place travelers visit when they vacation abroad. The reasons are simple: London is a...