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Travel to Canada on a family vacation

Canada is a gorgeous country. On a single day there I took so many postcard perfect photos that I ran down the batteries on my phone, the camera and a video camera! I can not describe how extraordinary the scenery.

Curious kids love all the cool things Canada has to offer – Canadian money, Canadian food, and Canadian animals like moose! See the highest tides in the whole world which is a super cool sight for anyone!

The Educational Tourist at Hopewell Rocks in Canada

Be sure to download your travel guide book for the kids to Canada– written just for kids by former teacher, The Educational Tourist.

Adventures of Canada travel guide book cover

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Kids’ Books Set in Canada

Kids’ Books Set in Canada Make the MOST of any trip: To make the most out of any trip with kids you need to prepare them by letting them become familiar with what they...

Canada Travel Itinerary, 10

Canada Itinerary Travel with the KIDS

Canada Itinerary Travel for a FUN vacation New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island are in a fantastic corner of Canada to explore.  We spent 5 days there  with the kids and had...


21 Facts about Canada Geography and Culture

Canada is a fantastic place for a family adventure. Thinking about visiting Canada with the kids? 21 facts about Canada Geography and Culture: Size Matters 1 – Canada is the 2nd largest country in...