Kids Books set in the Caribbean

Kids Books set in the Caribbean

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Make the MOST of any trip:

To make the most out of any trip with kids you need to prepare them by letting them become familiar with what they will see and experience. Reading kids’ books set in the Caribbean is the very best way to do just that! Get little minds thinking of all the wonderful things to see on the family’s adventure! Have them use critical thinking skills and discuss questions like: What will be the same as the way we do things at home? What will be different?

Don’t let this happen to you!

Some people go on a trip, come home, look at the photos and think….where was that taken? Which church was that?? Or even worse, spend time on a guided tour thinking, “Another Madonna and child painting?? Another church?” and have no idea what they are seeing or why.

Improve your trip AND your child’s intelligence:

We want children to remember, internalize, and make these experiences part of their core being! When a child learns something they add to their schema, or background knowledge, which will help them in their education until the end of time. Layering the learning by introducing information and then showing it to them on a vacation is the best way to internalize information. Use travel to get smarter and improve skills for the kids in the family!

“Reading is at the heart of all formal education.”

A GREAT way to get the wheels turning and introduce information about your adventure destination AND improve your child’s intelligence and academic educational success is reading. Stories with familiar characters or beloved animals will pave the way for learning – really learning about the new culture they are going to experience. Read kids’ books set in Caribbean or listen with an audio book.

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Need more proof that reading is valuable? A study published in the Economic Journal, shows that ‘boys with easy access to books tend to have higher incomes when they become adults than their counterparts who grow up with few or no books by their side’ and “Men who grew up in households filled with books earn 21 percent more..”. So, read before your trip! It will be fun AND will make your kiddo smarter and wealthier in the long run.

Read at bedtime and have sweet dreams about your upcoming trip! Or download to an IPAD or Kindle and read on the loooooooooooong flight over. These are perfect for any storytime before, during, and after a trip, too.

You can get ideas on which books to read from the school librarian or research topics online. Choose based on your family’s interest? Animals? Art? Architecture? Sculpture? Food? There are many, many to choose from but don’t despair. I have spent hours reading books, reading about authors, reading reviews, reading summaries, and researching topics you need to read about so YOU DON’T HAVE TO! This comprehensive list will get you started daydreaming about your trip.

 Kids Books Set in the Caribbean – Pirate Books

How to Live Like a Caribbean Pirate by John Farndon Follow young Jamie Flynn’s adventure as he sets off to become a real pirate! Written for kids aged 8 – 12 years. Length: 32 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A

101 Amazing Pirate Facts: Fun Historical Pirate Trivia for Kids! Experience Infamous Pirates, Buccaneers, and Privateers from the Caribbean and Beyond! by Children’s History Press Kids love pirates! Arrr matey. Find our cool things about all the pirates that haunted the Caribbean in times past. Written for kids elementary school aged. Length: 53 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A


Blackbeard’s Pirateworld: Cut Throats of the Caribbean by William Teach Blackbeard is one of the most famous – and feared pirates of all times! Read about his intimidating image and his high seas dangerous adventures. Written for kids aged 8 and up. Length: 80 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A.

Disney Parks Presents: Pirates of the Caribbean by George Bruns This purchase includes a CD so you can enjoy the song, written in the 1960s – Yo Ho A Pirate’s Life for Me. Written for kids aged 4-8 years. Length: 32 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A.

The Pirates of the Caribbean Series: #1 Jack Sparrow: The Coming Storm by Robb Kidd This series is written for the tween set who will love following the adventures of the young teen Jack Sparrow. There are 11 books in this series. Written for kids aged 8-12 years. Length: 144 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A

Disney’s Climb Aboard if you Dare: Stories from the Pirates of the Caribbean by Nicholas Stephens Based on the fantastic ride: Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean is a series of five creepy stories surrounding a box of pirate’s treasure! Written for kids aged 3-7. Length: 80. Lexile Measure: N/A

Kids Books Set in the Caribbean – Caribbean Tale Books

Kallaloo: A Caribbean Tale by David and Phillis Gershator You only need one thing to make a good soup and that is a shell! Master soup maker, Granny tells everyone she can make a soup from just a shell …and one little thing from each of them. Great to read with the more common Stone Soup book and then compare and contrast! Written for kids in elementary school. Length: 32 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A

The Shark and the Parrotfish and Other Caribbean by Mario Picayo These wonderful tales are inspired by Aesop’s classic stories but add a a Caribbean flavor. These fables teach morals, too. Written for kids of elementary school age. Length: 32 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A.

The illustrated Anasi by Phillip Sherlock Classic Read this classic Caribbean fable to your kids and give them a flavor of the islands. Written for kids aged: elementary school Length: 48 pages Lexile Measure: N/A.

La Cucaracha Martina: A Caribbean Folktale by Daniel Moreton This Caribbean folktale is about a little cockroach who encounters a fun array of animals while looking for the source of beautiful music. Really colorful pictures make this a lovely book for kids and for parents who are sharing it with them. Written for kids ages 3 and up. Length: 32 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A

Mama God, Papa God: A Caribbean Tale by Richardo Keens-Douglas Wonderful Caribbean Tale of love. Papa God creates light to as a beautiful surprise to Mama God. Written for kids ages 3 and up. Length: 32 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A.

 Kids Books Set in the Caribbean – Zombie Books

The Zombie Chasers #6: Zombies of the Caribbean by John Kloepfer Even reluctant readers love zombies! The zombie chasers flee Florida in search of a zombie expert who is hunkered down somewhere in the Caribbean. Your tween will love this book. Written for tweens aged 7-12 years. Length: 240 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A

Mixed Up History: Abigail Adams: Pirate of the Caribbean by Steve Sheinkin A girl pirate? You bet your boots there is such a thing as a girl pirate! Written with historical background, as the author is a former text book writer, this is a fun book for girls and boys. Written for kids aged 7-10 years. Length: 160 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A.

 Kids Books Set in the Caribbean – Nature Books

My Island and I: The Nature of the Caribbean by Alfonso Silva Lee This book shows the lovely diversity of the Caribbean giving a nature perspective to kids. The pictures are all water color and help answer questions like, “How did the plants get to the island originally?” Written for kids aged: 4 and up. Length: 32 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A.

 Kids Books Set in the Caribbean – Princess Books

Keturah – Princess of the Caribbean: A Caribbean Fairytale by Shanike Johnson Finally! A Princess that is perfectly…not perfect. This princess from the Caribbean has the skin condition, vitiligo, which means that her skin is not evenly colored. She is bullied for the say she looks but one day is swept off her feet by the Prince. An interesting thing about the book is that the princess does not change at the end…she remains perfectly ‘imperfect’. Great way to open a conversation about how beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Written for elementary school aged kids but perfect for any age. Length: 34 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A.

Sugar Cane: A Caribbean Rapunzel by Patricia Storace I love this Caribbean twist on the classic Rapunzel. Read more than one to compare and contrast. Great way to get the kids thinking about the Caribbean and also a real life skill…determining how things are alike and how they are different. Written for kids aged 6 – 10 years but useful for older kids if you pull in the comparison/contrast angle. Length: 48 pages. Lexile Measure: 860L.

Cendrillon: A Caribbean Cinderella by Robert D. San Souci Another book to love! This version of Cinderella is told from the godmother’s point of view and has a uniquely Caribbean flavor. Read the traditional version of Cinderella, too, and then compare and contrast. Written for kids aged 5 – 10 years old. Length: 40 pages. Lexile Measure: AD 540L.

Ebony and the Auntie of the Starlight: A Caribbean Cinderella Story by Diane Browne Another Cinderella story…just similar enough for kids to compare to the traditional Cinderella but really brings a Caribbean flavor. Kids can really explore culture when it is presented in the framework of something they already understand like a traditional Cinderella story. Read them both and compare! Written for elementary school aged kids. Length: 23 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A

Crystal – A Caribbean Adventure by Elise Walters Crystal Starlight’s job as a Glistening Forest Fairy is to make the snow sparkle in the winter. Imagine her surprise when she is sent on assignment to the Caribbean! What will she be doing there with pirates? Written for elementary school aged kids. Length: 77 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A.

 Kids Books Set in the Caribbean – ABC Books and Counting Books

A Caribbean Journey from A to Y (Read to find out what happened to the Z) by Mario Picayo This ABC book is full of interesting and unusual facts about the many islands of the Caribbean. Written for kids aged 4 and up. Length: 60 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A.

TIME for Kids: Next Stop: The Caribbean by Teacher Created Materials; Ginger McDonnell This non fiction book is fantastic with wonderful photos and interesting information about the many islands of the Caribbean. Fantastic for the kids it is written for, but great for older kids, too, to get a flavor of the islands! Written for kids aged 6-8 years. Length: 24 pages. Lexile Measure: 610L

My Caribbean Dream by Dr. Sharon R Burrow The reviews give the illustrations rave reviews! Delve into the nature in the Caribbean with this book that shows the biodiversity of the area: rain forests, coral reefs, harbors, mountains, waterfalls, beaches and more! Written for kids elementary school aged. Length: N/A. Lexile Measure: N/A.

A Caribbean Counting Book by Faustin Charles Built on stories gathered from locals on island throughout the Caribbean. Interesting way to introduce traditional stories to your kids before their visit! Show the kids that we are all a lot more alike than we are different as you read these rhymes for kids’ games and fun. Written for kids aged 4 – 7. Length: 24 pages. Lexile Measure: NP

Lola Tortola: Caribbean Limericks by Molly Manley Remember limericks? Like this one…. There was an Old Man of Nantucket / Who kept all his cash in a bucket./ His daughter, called Nan,/ Ran away with a man/ and as for the bucket, Nantucket – Anonymous. Kids LOVE limericks and this book is full of them all about the Caribbean. Read together and enjoy! Written for kids of all ages. Length: 24 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A

 Kids Books Set in the Caribbean – Poetry

A Caribbean Dozen: Poems from Caribbean Poets by Grace Nichols Poetry is a real gift to give children. It shows them that words can create feelings and gives them an opportunity to practice interpreting language. Thirteen poets from the Caribbean share thoughts, ideas, and their love of the island through poetry. Written for everyone ages 6 and up. Length: 96 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A.

Under the Moon & Over the Sea: A Collection of Caribbean Poems by John Agard Award winning poem collection giving feeling and flavor to your daydreams about the islands of the Caribbean. Poetry is a great way for kids to learn about the power of words. Written for elementary school address. Length: 80 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A

Treasure House 1: A Caribbean Anthology by Veronica Simon This group of stories and poems from all over the Caribbean are fun for the young kiddos studying up on the islands. Have fun learning about the destination before you go! Written for kids aged 8-10 years but fun for kids younger and older than that. I recommend for anyone aged 4 up. Length: 159 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A


 Kids Books Set in the Caribbean – Mysteries

Curse of the Black Avenger (Caribbean Chronicles Pirate Fiction Book 1) by Eddie Jones If you have a reluctant reader in your house, this is the book for you. This award winning series is about young Ricky who escapes his burning apartment building only to find himself back in the past in the middle of the sea on a raft. Will he find enough courage to fight the curse of the Black Avenger? Get your teen boy to read and let you know!! Written for tweens/teens. Length: 268 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A

The Caribbean Cruise Caper (The Hardy Boys #154) by Franklin W. Dixon Remember the Hardy Boys? They are still around and even cooler than ever. This caper takes place on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. This time Frank and Joe team up with five friends to solve this crime. Written for kids aged 8 – 12 years. Length: 160 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A.

Kidnap in the Caribbean (Laura Marlin Mysteries) by Lauren St. John Laura wins a trip to the Caribbean for herself and her uncle, but mystery falls upon them when they read Antigua. Her uncle is missing! Laura and her friends need to work together to outsmart the Straight A gang.

Caribbean Chaos, The Unlikely Team, and Beans! Short Stories by Colin Hulme Funny story about a lost iguana trying to find his way home. The friends he enlists to help him include a few humans and an alien which makes for a a fun story. Written for elementary school aged kids. Length: 116. Lexile Measure: N/A

Fruits: A Caribbean Counting Poem by Valerie Bloom Learn about some fruits grown in the Caribbean while seeing just how much one little girl can eat! This book is great fun when you buy some of the new fruits at the grocery to taste yourself! Written for kids preschool – grade 2, but fun for older elementary school kids, too. Length: N/A Lexile Measure: N/A

Traveling Wild: Sailing the Caribbean Islands by Sonya Newland Follow along as a traveler studies the Caribbean to plot through the islands while considering things like climate, weather and sharks! Cool stuff for a tween. Written for kids aged 9 – 11.  Length: 32 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A

 Kids Books Set in the Caribbean – Animals

Carribean Animals by Dawne Allette Written in rhyme, this book introduces  wonderful animals that live in the Carribean. The illustrations are realistic so you can get a feel for what to look out for on your Caribbean adventures!  Written for kids aged 5- 8 years but good for kids up to age 10. Length: 32 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A

Two Peculiar Pelicans: A Story Poem by Eaulin A. Blondel Two pelicans in search of dinner explore the lovely Caribbean sea. Written for elementary school aged kids. Length: 32 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A.

La Diablesse and the Baby (Caribbean Folktale) by Richardo Keens-Douglas and Marie Lafrance This award winning book tells of la diablesse, the half human, half demon creature who is outwitted by a crafty grandmother. Written for kids aged 5 – 7 years. Length: 24 pages. Lexile Measure: 810L

Caribbean Islands: Facts & Figures (Caribbean Today) by Romel Hernandez Read facts and information about many countries making up the Caribbean. So many islands are full of different peoples, cities, cultures – so much to learn about each. Non – fiction.  Written for kids aged 9 – 11. Length: 64 pages. Lexile Measure: 1140L

Five Little Potcakes: A Caribbean Story by B. E. Ryback This children’s book is a sweet book to read kids all about the Caribbean and dogs called ‘potcakes’.  A potcake is a small dog of mixed breed that lives in the Caribbean. The dogs got their name from a food made of rice and peas that locals would feel the dogs. Written for elementary school aged kids. Length: 32 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A.

A Coral Reef Food Chain: A Who-Eats-What Adventure in the Caribbean Sea (Follow the Food Chain) by Rebecca Hogue Wojahn Underwater adventures are fascinating in the beautiful warm Caribbean sea. This book shows you the world under the water with fish and other colorful creatures. An especially cool book to read if you are going snorkeling. Written for kids aged 8 – 10 years but good for younger kids, too, if you read to them. Length: 64 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A

 Kids Books Set in the Caribbean – Food

Food and Recipes of the Caribbean (Kids in the Kitchen) by Theresa M. Beatty Not all sight seeing is done with your eyes! Use food to get the kids interested in your visit to the Caribbean with these recipes. Have one on special “Island Night” at your house. Written for upper elementary school aged kids – young teens but anyone can enjoy the recipes. Length: 24 pages. Lexile Measure: 950L.

 Kids Books Set in the Caribbean – Crafts

Traditional Crafts from the Caribbean (Culture Crafts) by Florence Temko These fun crafts will get everyone thinking about their upcoming trip to the Caribbean, but it will also be a fun way to reflect back on what they saw and experienced during a past vacation. If you miss school for your adventure, talk to the teacher about using a craft like this in combination with a report discussing what you learned in lieu of make up homework. Written for kids in grades 3-5 but the crafts can easily be enjoyed by kids up to about 7th grade. Length: 64 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A

I Wish I Were a Fish: A Caribbean Adventure for Little Geniuses by Roberto Gonzalez Rivera Pretend you are a fish and explore under the beautiful waters of the Caribbean. Kids love animals and the waters of the Caribbean are full of beautiful things to see! Written for elementary school aged kids. Length: 36 pages. Lexile Measure: N/A

Adventure of Brimstone Hill: Caribbean Adventure Series Book 1 by Carol Ottley-Mitchell Three friends Mark, Kyle, and Ingrid are exploring the the Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park when the accidentally head through a secret time portal into the 18th century. Finding themselves in the middle of a fierce battle…what will they do? Written for upper elementary school aged kids. Length: 118 pages. Lexile Measure: 800.

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