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The Cappadocia area of Turkey is not to be missed! It is so full of ancient history that you can feel and explore through the caves, fairy chimneys and underground city! We loved our stay at the Cappadocia Estates Hotel and find it a pleasure to recommend it to traveling families.

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We had the pleasure of staying at the Cappadocia Estates hotel in the small town of Mustafapasa while visiting the Cappadocia area of Turkey. What a delightful find!

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Our room was a 2 story suite built out of the local stone. This thick stone gave the room a storybook atmosphere and kept the room at a very cool, crisp temperature. We visited during the heat of the summer and immediately noticed that the rooms had a heater, but no air conditioner. Well, of course not! The natural stone kept the room a perfectly comfortable and cool temperature. Mother Nature’s AC!

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Not all cave hotels are created equally. This one for example, is made of a more nonporous stone than others and for you – this means the room is dry. Other hotels need to use dehumidifiers or you wake up damp along with all your clothes. The Cappadocia Estates has used all the latest and greatest in materials and building techniques so you keep cool and dry even in the toughest of summer heat. As a matter of fact, the shirt I rinsed out and hung to dry in the shower was dry by morning – not something that could have happened in most cave hotels. Look at the cool stone- work. I especially love the bowl for a sink.

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This hotel has ALL the comfort amenities tired travelers look for at the end of the day: lots of room, plenty of electrical plugs, free bottled water furnished every day, large bathroom, closet space, luggage racks, motion sensitive lights on the stairs..even a baby gate at the top of the stairs.

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This well lit room was comfortably furnished with large beds and still left plenty of floor space for stretching out. The closet was HUGE! In some places the closet could have been a room of its own – it is that big. We plopped down all our luggage in there and still had plenty of room. This kept the bedrooms clutter free – no worries about stumbling over things in the middle of the night. Even the curtains are made with Turkish lace…

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The large bathroom included shower and tub with jets. Use the hotel supplied soaps and shampoo for a real Turkish experience. We soaked after a long day of sight seeing – just what the tired feet needed. Afterwards you can slip into Turkish cotton robes and slippers. Ah….relaxing.

Before retiring at night, be sure to head to the roof. The night breeze is wonderful and since you are so far away from city lights, the stars…oh, the stars! We quickly found the north star and the big dipper. For these city folks – seeing the stars in all their glory is a real treat.

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Breakfast is in a dining room which was carved out of the hill. Study the marks on the wall and think about the fact that most of this room was hand carved. Wow!

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Breakfast has cereal and things you would expect along with lots of yummy nibbles that will be new! The most interesting for us was eggplant jam. Jam made out of….eggplant. As unusual as that sounds it was wonderful!! The fresh veggies are from the hotel’s organic garden which is just outside the front driveway. Talk about fresh!! Don’t miss out on the crepes or carrot cake. They are both wonderful. Do not be shy about asking for something else if you have a picky eater in the group. We have one kiddo that most happily eats french fries at every meal…even breakfast and they were happy to indulge us.

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Have your laundry done, use the free wifi, and relax in the hotel’s sitting area that has a tv and computer. Pet the hotel’s resident kitty cat! Appreciate the art – painted by local artists. The Cappadocia Estates staff has thought of everything and I mean everything. They updated the  entire town’s sewer system so toilet paper can be used and flushed with no worries.

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The most important feature of any hotel is the staff. Unlike most hotels in the area, who operate with seasonal personnel, this staff is employed year round and it shows. This gives them time to learn to work as a well oiled machine. They are friendly, helpful and a perfect example of Turkish hospitality. Yunis showed us around and Serkon watched over us at breakfast. Huriye cleans on most days but on the cook’s day off she also cooks. Ask her for a lesson on how to tie the scarf. She is a sweetheart.

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We were there on July 4th, which is Independence Day in the United States. Our thoughtful staff put a ‘Happy July 4th’ note and balloons on our door. So thoughtful!

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Hotels are everywhere, but experiences…..those are few and far between. This lovely hotel, near the sights, but still in the middle of a real town full of real people, is the perfect combination. See the sights, but live the experience here….at Cappadocia Estates. We were given discounted rates at this fantastic hotel in exchange for an honest review. Honestly – this is a FANTASTIC place and an oasis of luxury in this area – a must visit.

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Happy Travels,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

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  1. August 27, 2015

    […] Not only did Lale arrange all our travel details, but she owns the lovely Cappadocia Estates. Read more about our  amazing hotel here experience here. […]

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