Canada Travel Itinerary – Take the KIDS

Canada Travel Itinerary – Take the KIDS

New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island is a fantastic corner of Canada to explore.  We spent 5 days there  with the kids and had a ball!! Here is our itinerary for 5 wonderful days traveling in Canada with the KIDS.

Adventurers in Canada travel guide for KIDS by The Educational Tourist, Canada Travel Itinerary,

We chose to stay in Moncton for a hub. This is the longest we’ve stayed in one city in a very long time. How nice to actually unpack!

Moncton Canada welcome sign, Canada Travel Itinerary,


Canada (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island) itinerary the short version.

Scroll down for more detailed information about each day.

Day 1Fort Beausejour and Nova Scotia, UNESCO site Joggins Cliffs

The Educational Tourist in Camp Beausejour Canada, Canada Travel Itinerary,

Day 2The Fundy drive,  Hopewell Rocks at high tide

Boy and Girl at Fundy Bay in Canada, Canada Travel Itinerary,

Day 3 – Hopewell Rocks at low tide, Cape Enrage and Alma.

boy and girl at Hopewell Rocks, Canada Travel Itinerary,

Day 3 – Magnetic Hill,   Zoo,  Maple Syrup tapping peek

Magnetic Hill in Canada, Canada Travel Itinerary,

Day 4 – Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island bridge, Canada Travel Itinerary,

Day 5 –  Shediak, Beauctouch and soap making in St. Anne

The Educational Tourist custom travel services include detailed information on history, background, geology, etc. for each sight – written at an elementary school kid’s reading level.

A more detailed look…

Day 1: Fort Beausejour and Nova Scotia

Fort Beausejour.

stone wall at Fort Beausejour in Canada, Canada Travel Itinerary,

What a cool spot! The kids really enjoyed it. The small museum has a scavenger hunt for the kids and  helpful and friendly staff on hand to answer questions.   Get the map so the outdoor ruins make  more sense.


* Why the fort is in a star shape

* Who controlled it

* Where the soldiers slept

* See where things were stored

*Look through the holes in the wall where soldiers fired their guns

Boy and girl peering through stone wall, Canada Travel Itinerary,

Nova Scotia

What a glorious drive. We were blessed with perfect weather, but even if drizzly, there will be no hiding the beauty. Woods so thick, I chuckled at the advice of landscapers who talk about planting items in your yard with lots of room all around. Mother Nature did not heed that advice here! It is hard to imagine even walking through the forest as it is so thick – and diverse. Many types of trees are represented and I imagine a giant like Paul Bunyon reaching down to grasp a handful like a bouquet.

lush fern in forest, Canada Travel Itinerary,


Then,  wildflowers unlike any I have ever seen before. Whole fields of color..yellow and purple. Each wooden house had a gorgeous stand of flowers like daylillies and daisies. Right off postcards.

colorful flowers, Canada Travel Itinerary,


*What grows here

*What animals live here

* What is this?

The Fundy Geologic Museum

Fundy Geological Museum building, Canada Travel Itinerary,

The kids enjoyed it and we learned a lot. It had all the usual photos and hands on stuff you would expect at such a museum, but we were thrilled to be able to take a peek into the back room where fossils are brought in and handled before being ready for viewing. Also, there was a dig for fossils spot that thrilled the kids.

boy digging for fossils, Canada Travel Itinerary,

Joggins Fossil

This is a UNESCO sight.  The building is surrounded by low blueberry bushes.

Be sure to notice the tall lighttower. You can see the lines WAY above your head showing how high the tides get!! WOW! Great visual for the kids.

The Educational Tourist with boy at light pole in Canada, Canada Travel Itinerary,

Day 2 – Fundy Coastal Drive, Hopewell Rocks (High tide)

Fundy Coastal Drive

*Gardens for local coops

female farmer with onions, Canada Travel Itinerary,

*Tides – Why does the tide go in and out? Why is it so high here?
Hopewell Rocks – high tide

The Educational Tourist at Hopewell Rocks in Canada, Canada Travel Itinerary,


Look for the flower pot rocks. Why are they called that?

*See high tide at the spot where the tide rises higher than anywhere else in the world.

* What animals live in the water here?

Day 3 – Hopewell Rocks (Low tide), Cape Enrage, Alma

Hopewell Rocks – low tide

The Educational Tourist with kids Hopewell Rocks at how tide, Canada Travel Itinerary,

*Walk ON the ocean floor

* See effects of erosion – What is erosion? How does it work?

*See animals (snails) and plantlife (seaweed) that normally is covered by ocean water

snails on rocks, Canada Travel Itinerary,

* Imagine what swims where you are standing!

Cape Enrage

zip lining The Educational Tourist with kids at Cape Enrage in Canada, Canada Travel Itinerary,

*Oldest working lighthouse in New Brunswick

*Zip line!

*Watch rapelling

*At low tide- walk on fossil beach. Very rock and fossils are everywhere!

The Educational Tourist with rocks in Canada, Canada Travel Itinerary,

*Eat lunch at the very tasty restaurant – this is not a tourist burger joint. It is a nice restaurant with delicious food and local wine.


Moose in Canada with The Educational Tourist, Canada Travel Itinerary,

*Take a photo with a life sized moose statue

*Have world famous sticky buns!

*Look at the fishing boats up close and ride on one if you like

Day 4 – Magnetic Hill, Magnetic Hill Zoo, Maple Tree forest

Magnetic Hill

Magnetic Hill sign, Canada Travel Itinerary,

*This optical illusion will blow your socks off. Try it in your car first and then walk down to get a better look – SPOILER ALERT – walking down spoils the illusion.

*What is an optical illusion? What are some other favorites?

Magnetic Hill Zoo

reindeer, Canada Travel Itinerary,

*See a reindeer up close!

*Arctic Wolf

* Pony ride/face painting

*Let kiddo practice map reading skills

little boy with a map, Canada Travel Itinerary,

Maple Syrup forest

The Educational Tourist in maple tree forest, Canada Travel Itinerary,

*See the trees tapped and ready for syrup harvest

*Observe the collection tubes

maple syrup tube on maple tree, Canada Travel Itinerary,

* Visit the sugar shack where the sap is boiled and thus the syrup is created!

*Learn about maple syrup products like fudge

Day 4 – Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island

*Home to Anne of Green Gables

kids wearing Anne of Green Gable wigs, Canada Travel Itinerary,

*Eat Cow’s Icecream and visit the factory where it is made

Cow's Creamery, Canada Travel Itinerary,

*Learn what grows here – potatoes!

*Eat a burger or hot dog at the Boom Burger. Notice how ‘green’ the facility is with separate recycling bins and composting trash cans.

* Cross the Confederate Bridge to get to the island

confederate bridge to Prince Edward Island, Canada Travel Itinerary,

Day 5 – Shediak, Bouctouche, St. Anne de Kent


Home to the World’s Largest Lobster – It is a tradition to visit here and climb on the statue.

world's largest lobster, Canada Travel Itinerary,

*What is a lobster? How large to they get? Do they lay eggs or have live babies? What do they eat?

*Eat lobster!

lobster, Canada Travel Itinerary,


*Eat poutine

*Learn about Acadie and why the area is French 1st and English 2nd

*See a salt marsh. What is a marsh? What lives here?

salt marsh, Canada Travel Itinerary,

St. Anne de Kent

soap making in Canada, Canada Travel Itinerary,

Learn how to make soap at the Olivier Sopery. Watch the live demo and try out all the different soap types.

woman making soap, Canada Travel Itinerary,

The Educational Tourist planned trips are educational and fun for the whole family. Get The Educational Tourist’s travel guide to Canada for kids before you go!


Happy Travels!

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

The Educational Tourist logo,Canada Travel Itinerary,

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  1. clare says:

    I have visited Canada twice but never been to this area. From your photos it looks stunning and I need to add to my list for when I visit next. I want to go to the Fort and Hopewell Rocks too 🙂

  2. Mel Butler says:

    I don’t have kids but I still love your itinerary especially the Hopewell Rocks – high tide and visiting the Magnetic Hill Zoo. I love animals and zoos. I have not visited Canada yet but on my list so going to pinned it for future reference.

  3. Anna says:

    I’m so gutted that, having lived in Vancouver, BC for over 4 years, I never got to see this part of the country! Your itinerary is action-packed which I really like, you visited some cool places! Nova Scotia sounds particularly interesting to me, and that Fundy Coastal Drive must have been beautiful. Hope to get a chance to visit Canada again in the future and explore it a bit more.

  4. Thanks for the post. We are a family that travels and Canada is quite high up on our travel list so this will certainly be a lot of help. I’ve wanted to go to Nova Scotia for quite some time and the Magnetic Hill sounds like something that will really interest the kids.

  5. effcaa says:

    Oh wow Canada! Didn’t know there were UNESCO sites as well! Good to know about that. I really love the Canadian culture and remember how a former Canadian flatmate made the best pancakes ever! 🙂

  6. valisesetgourmandises says:

    It looks like a very fun and informative 5 days!! I’m from Québec, the French-speaking province, but the Maritimes are so far that I’ve never even been. If only we had a good train system like in Europe!

  7. What a fantastic itinerary! My kids are all grown up but I would love this! I spend a few days in Canada about 5 years ago and I am dying to go back. I love all the foodie treats you have featured. I’m really just a big kid at heart lol

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