Beware crazy packing ‘tips’

Packing seems to be on everyone’s mind these days. Packing, planning, daydreaming about a trip can be really fun parts of the adventure, but sometimes the advice seems pretty funny to me….like this article I just saw on pinterest. My comments in red.

22 Easy Tricks To Make Packing So Much Better
All you want to do is travel from Point A to Point B; don’t let getting all your stuff together be the thing that holds you back.

By Alanna Okun

1. Store shoes in a shower cap.  Seriously. A shower cap? Do you have extra shower caps for all your shoes? How about a grocery store bag. Am I the only one with 8,000 of those in the pantry?


2. Keep pairs of earrings together with a button. Hmm….interesting enough. Do you have extra buttons for this?

3. Invest in a Napper. OK, what is this even….? Ummm…a hoodie? This ‘napper’….different from a hoodie in what way?? You need this because?? I’m going to google this and get back to you!

4. And a portable outlet splitter. OK, finally, some advice that makes sense.

5. And a Knee-Defender HAHAHAHAHA – I have no words for this. 

People in front of you won’t be able to recline with this handy (and kind of anti-social) gadget.

6. And a vacuum-packing suitcase.  HAHA! OK – have you ever taken anything out of a vacuum packed bag? You will look homeless you’ll be so wrinkled.



7. If you don’t want to spring for a new suitcase, find out how to pack the one you have most efficiently. Rocket science!!  rolling eyes….


8. Roll up your clothes in bundles and secure them with elastics. Clever… Do you have this many rubber bands? I don’t, but I won’t judge because I have 8,000 grocery store bags in the pantry!



They’ll be wrinkle-free and you’ll be sure to have enough underwear for the length of your stay.
9. Use empty pill bottles to store small amounts of hair products and lotions. Clever….

10. Pill bottles can also hold Q-tips. Well, duh. Zip-loc baggies work beautifully, too AND weigh less.  I buy them in every size before a trip!


Or pretty much any other small toiletry you’d want to keep in one place (heyyy bobby pins). Who uses bobby pins so often that you have to take them on a trip? Do you? 
11. Plastic wrap over the opening of toiletries helps prevent leaking. Doesn’t work. Period. Neither does putting them in a ziploc baggie (No, I don’t own stock, but maybe I should!) because when you get there you just have a ziploc baggie full of shampoo.

enhanced-buzz-10998-1363987254-25 I love how this tip is from a study abroad program. If you are going to be in a country long enough to study…then use your new language skills and go to the store to buy shampoo!
12. Keep your shirt collars neat and your belts from uncoiling in one fell swoop. Clever!!  I would counter this tip with a) pack wrinkle free travel stuff and b) you only need the belt you are wearing, but this still gets extra credit for being clever!

13. Ensure your necklaces are tangle-free by threading them through straws. This looks like it works…but how many necklaces do you need for your trip?

14. Pack your flatiron, even if it’s still warm, in a potholder. Cute potholder. Wear a hat! Leave the flatiron at home. But if you must be sure it can handle the current there and bring an adapter so the plug will fit in the socket.

15. Binder clips will keep your razor heads secure. Interesting….this even looks like a disposable razor which comes with it’s only little plastic hat, which now that I look closer this razor appears to be wearing….not sure I ‘get’ this tip.

16. Use a closet storage shelf to keep folded items neat. HAHAHAHA…..this person packed the entire closet! At least they left the kitchen sink at home….unless it she is pulling that out next! Reminds me of those cars at the circus….with 27 clowns inside!


17. Don’t forget a snack or you’ll be wicked cranky. A snack, yes! Packed like this OCD person…um……..  no. Snacks yes, but again ziploc baggies that you can toss. You’ll be dragging around this container for your entire trip!

Store food in a clean art-supply box for maximum variety. (Plus it’ll be way cheaper [and probably more delicious] than anything you can buy in transit.) Anything you bring from home THAT CAN GET PAST AIRPORT SECURITY will no doubt be cheaper than what you can buy. Airport food isn’t cheap!
18. Pool floaties will keep your wine bottles intact. Clever, if you travel with two bottles of wine..or one bottle of wine. Even though I travel with the kiddos….I never travel with wine  …..maybe this person knows something I don’t,  😉   but I like to check out the wine at my destination.

What, you don’t travel with two bottles of wine in your suitcase? AMATEUR.
19. On that note: you can pack mini bottles of booze in your carry-on.  This would be cheaper for nervous fliers who like to have a drink on the plane.

As long as you’re over 21 and they abide by TSA size regulations, according to Condé Nast Traveler.
20. And remember, it’s always easier when you have a friend help. We have this kind of help at our house, too!



More REAL travel tips to come. Check out the ‘packing’ section of this blog.

Happy travels!

Natalie, The Educational Tourist




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  1. Fotini says:

    Love the counter comments Natalie, and the humor, and the friend that helps you pack:)))

  2. Kristi Hynes says:

    These tips crack me up! Your commentary as well! Seems like A LOT of extra work AND packing to me! I love all YOUR tips though! I have followed since the beginning!

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