Banish boredom on Road Trips with KIDS

Banish Boredom on Road Trips with KIDS

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Remember road trips when you were a kid? There wasn’t much to do except color, stare out the window, and play the license plate game. Were you bored? Did you whine? Don’t let that happen to your kids! Be prepared so your kids are happy, engaged, and have things peaceful in the back seat!

Banish Boredom on Road Trips with KIDS –  Finish the robot drawings.

I love these ideas and the printables are even free! Just print, use them on the plane or in the car, and toss when you are done. No lugging around – remember the first mantra, “Pack light!” Kate at Picklebums (I bet there is a story behind that name!) has some super cute and FREE downloads.

Finish the robot. Free printouts color robots from Picklebums, Boredom on Road Trips with KIDS, Roadtrip road-trip-1 Design your own money. play-money-example

 Buy each kiddo their own colorful clip board and personalize with a Sharpie pen. Kids love stuff with their name on it, especially if their name is unusual  and isn’t often included when names are preprinted. Fill up the clipboard with fun activities like these and sit back to relax the road trip with happy passengers!

Banish Boredom on Road Trips with KIDS – Fingertip Twister

This crazy, brilliant idea from is easily made from a white piece of paper and those colored dots you find at Office Depot, sold for tagging garage sale items. Or buy it ready made from amazon here! It will surely pass the time on airplane trips or at the table while waiting on dinner to arrive. For the spinner use dice – add the same colored stickers to the edges of the dice. Easy squeezy!

Banish Boredom on Road Trips with KIDS – Scavenger hunt passport for zoo

zoo passports from We Wilsons, Boredom on Road Trips with KIDS, Cute passport for the zoo from Laura at We Wilsons. Clicke for her free zoo passport download here. Great for the non-reading little ones. Scavenger hunts are awesome for any trip – from simple like the grocery store, or more exotic like a museum!

Banish Boredom on Road Trips with KIDS – Color by number, letter, or sight word.

photo from reading with kids, Color by number sight word practice sheet, Boredom on Road Trips with KIDS, Clever, lightweight, and fun for everyone. Helps pass the time on long trips in trains, planes, or automobiles and even at the table in a restaurant while waiting on the food! This site, Reading with KIDS  has free downloads using color by number or letter in levels for all kids – small, medium, and large. These are a GREAT way to pass the time and keep the sight word skills up! Win-win! Annie at The Moffat Girls has great color by sight word downloads to purchase. The froggy is a freebie! photo from the MOffet Girls, coloring sheet for sight words, Boredom on Road Trips with KIDS, Considering this information…..practicing sight words is an AWESOME thing for any parent to figure out a way to do! These coloring sheets are so easy and great practice or review. LOVE!

Why is it important to practice sight words? Because being able to read sight words quickly and without sounding them out makes ALL reading easier and smoother.

You don’t need to know a lot of sight words for reading to explode…

Only 12 sight words make up 25% of what we read. Just 12 words!

Only 100 sight words make up 50% of what we read. Think of how you are helping your child by teaching them the 100 words!

Only 300 sight words make up 100% of what we read. Hard to believe, isn’t it? But true!

Read more about making travel educational and practicing academic skills as a part of every day life!

Banish Boredom on Road Trips with KIDS – Paper airplane fun

large paper game for hotel, photo from Sewing Mama ReaAnna, Boredom on Road Trips with KIDS, This idea come from a birthday party planned by RaeAnna at Sewing Mama ReaAnna. What a great party AND traveling idea. Just cut out circles and label ‘points’  on large paper, roll up and toss in the suitcase. It weighs nothing and takes up little room. Once you are in a hotel and want to unwind while the kids play, attach it to the wall with the painter’s tape you must never leave home without! Read more about why you should ALWAYS travel with painter’s tape. 🙂 Then, give the kiddos some paper and relax. This is great rainy day fun or quiet hotel fun when the kids have more energy than you do in the evenings.

Similar idea is to make a web out of painter’s tape and throw airplanes through the holes. Be sure to aim through the non-sticky side.

Never leave home without painter’s tape!! It is like the duct tape for travelers!

You can NEVER have too many ideas for keeping the kiddos happy and occupied. Send a note if you think of something else wonderful!

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Happy Travels,

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