Aulani – Disney Magic in Hawaii

Aulani – Disney magic in Hawaii

Infinity pool from Aulani resort Hawaii

Disney’s Polynesian crown jewel, Aulani, is a fantastic way for families to experience Hawaii! Like all things Disney, the details are amazing, the staff incredible and the experiences beyond words! If Hawaii has been on your bucket list for family travel you can’t beat Disney for combining the magic of Hawaii and the magic of Disney for a once in a lifetime experience.

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Aulani – Visiting Disney magic in Hawaii – WHAT? Disney is in Hawaii?

Yes! Disney created a magical resort in Hawaii on the island of O’ahu. Aulani is easy to reach from O’ahu’s international airport. Fly straight here and say Aloha, Disney style!

beach and pool at Aulani Disney resort in Hawaii

The resort, Aulani, opened its doors in 2011 and was so successful that it was expanded in 2013. Sitting on 21 acres near the famous Waikiki, you’ll find everything you need for a magical vacation on the Aulani resort and in the surrounding Ko Olina community – shopping, dining, beaches, and water sports and even golf for dad.

Aulani – Visiting Disney magic in Hawaii – Disney must be expensive?!?

Disney can be affordable and with the help of a PRO to plan you’ll get the very best deal! Laura Baustian, is a Disney Planner, who specializes in planning Disney vacations. Not only can she get you the BEST possible deal, she can help you with all the nitty gritty of planning a vacation. She planned our Disney cruise and even sent me email reminders!

The best reason to use a Disney Planning PRO is that the service is FREE. Yes, FREE. Yes, FREE. (That is not a typo!) How is that so? The service is FREE to you because Disney pays the Disney Planning PRO. Laura Baustian, Pixie Dust Queen, MY favorite Disney Planning PRO, has the kiss of approval from Disney AND The Educational Tourist.

The Pixie Dust Queen can do ALL the planning for you – pass off the nitty gritty to her. Leave a comment to get started with your FREE Disney quote today!Pixie Dust Queen logo

Aulani – Visiting Disney magic in Hawaii – Food

Not all sight seeing is down with your eyes! Use food to explore destinations and get outside your comfort zone. The Pixie Dust Queen has a great family tradition – they don’t eat anything that they can eat at home. Giving your kids room to experiment with food and try new things with food is a gift!

Some of the favorites at Aulani are familiar like hotdogs, burgers, and shaved ice for eating while you have fun in the sun. The buffet at Makahiki has all sorts of fantastic food – explore new tastes and have familiar favorites. The Educational Tourist and family make it a point to never EVER pass up shaved ice. We love it! Papalua Shave Ice has bases of ice, ice cream and condensed milk. Then, you choose your flavors for the top: mango, pineapple, coconut, orange, guava, and more! Give something new like lilikoi a try!

shave ice hut at Aulani Disney resort

Laura, The Pixie Dust Queen, can help you make reservations if you like to plan your trip in advance. If you rather plan your dinners once you arrive you can do that, too, but be aware that your choice of time might book up if you wait! Just imagine having  quiet romantic dinner. What a special vacation memory!

couple dining at Aulani in Hawaii

One fantastic drink option is to purchase a refillable mug at the beginning of your visit. Then, refill soda, coffee, and tea for the entire journey FREE of charge.

Aulani – Visiting Disney magic in Hawaii – Experiences

If you are in Hawaii, you simply must get in the water, right? Disney has so many water related activities that you’ll find something for every traveler – no matter the adrenaline requirements.

family paddle boarding at Aulani Disney resort in Hawaii

Enjoy a sandcastle class! The sand castle master has all the buckets and tools and will teach your child how to use them. Create designs and awesome styles!

boy building sand castles at Aulani Disney resort in Hawaii


Experience story telling during the Starlit Hui. Kids and adults alike will love this outdoor evening activity.

Aulani – Visiting Disney magic in Hawaii – Cooking fun!

plates of Macaroons

Use the outdoor grills if you want to enjoy the great outdoors that way. Take a cooking class! The Pixie Dust Queen learned all about how make French macaroons from a Disney chef.

Aulani – Visiting Disney magic in Hawaii – Photographs

Take all the photographs you like! But, if you want to leave your camera and phone in your room you don’t have to miss out on fantastic photos! Disney has photographers roaming around ll the time. When they take your photo, they scan your card. Later, you can purchase photos that you like. This is also a GREAT way to for the whole family to be in the photo. AND you don’t have to worry about your camera or your phone – especially when you are having water fun. Usually someone, who serves as the photographer, is always missing from the photo!

father daughter snorkeling at Aulani Disney resort in Hawaii

Aulani – Visiting Disney magic in Hawaii – Away from the resort

USS Arizona memoria Hawaii

Aulani is quiet and peaceful and away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the island. But, the resort is still close enough that you can rent a vehicle to explore the rest of what the island has to offer! Disney makes it easy with a car rental office right on the premises. Rent your car, have fun on the island, and bring it right back. Super easy!

If you need a carseat be sure to reserve one early. They usually go fast.

What else to see off the resort?

**USS Arizona Memorial  *Pearl Harbor  *Diamond Head State Park *Dole Plantation* Swim with sharks**

pineapples growing in Hawaii -

Of course you can sit in the sand and watch the kiddos (with a drink that has a little umbrella, which in my humble opinion, is a Hawaii visit must) and swim and snorkel. If you have someone who needs a serious adrenaline kick…you can also swim with the sharks. Now, I have to admit, that not only do I not have the adrenaline need to swim with the sharks.

As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure I would be so terrified of letting anyone else in my traveling party swim with the sharks that I would need SEVERAL of those little umbrella drinks to even consider it LOL! But, Pixie Dust Queen Laura Baustian, Pixie Dust Queen Disney Planner extraordinaire, is up for anything – including letting her boys fulfill every wild little boy’s dream of swimming with the sharks.

boy in shark cage swimming with sharks in Hawaii

Enjoy a luau at the Polynesian Cultural Center. It is a party – Hawaiian style! Music, fire dancing, hula and food!

fire dancer in luau
Aulani – Visiting Disney magic in Hawaii – Relaxing Water Time

Chairs, towels, pools and the lazy river are all included in the price of your stay. Borrow sandcastle toys and boogie boards or try paddle board yoga to pass the time. Try out each pool! One pool has a huge water slide and another with a quiet infinity pool overlooking the ocean. There is truly something for each age at Aulani.

boy building sand castles at Aulani Disney resort in Hawaii

Aulani – Visiting Disney magic in Hawaii – Evening Events on the Lawn

Pixie Dust Queen and family in Aulani Hawaii

Each evening as the sun goes down you can have fun out on the lawn in the amazingly perfect weather! Enjoy movies or dinner shows! You can’t come to Hawaii and not experience an outdoor evening in the perfect weather, right?

No one does magic like Disney and what could be more perfect than a combination of Disney and Hawaii! Let us know when you are ready for your FREE Disney vacation Quote from The Pixie Dust Queen.

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