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If you could list a favorite family friendly vacation destination that all families should visit at least once in their lifetime, what would it be?

Rome is my top – you have to see it – family friendly vacation spot. There is just everything in the world you could want for a vacation in one spot! The Italians LOVE children so kiddos are welcome everywhere. The food is amazing and it is easy to feed even the pickiest of eaters – gelato? pasta? pizza? YES, ma’am! Art lovers can find an amazing collection of art in the Galleria Borghese. Kiddos of all ages are amazed at the Colosseum and the amazing history. Gladiators? Woohoo! The Vatican City, in spite of its small size, has a helipad, a soccer team and the world’s busiest pharmacy. Vatican City even has its own postage stamps, too. Anyone in your party like the creepy? Then the Capuchin crypt is a must see for you – the walls are literally decorated with the bones of the faithful. Seek out a fountain – the Trevi, which is famous, or the many nasoni which are small water fountains for drinking. Ah, bella Roma – the perfect family friendly vacation destination!

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