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What do you wish you knew before you took your first family vacation?

We have been traveling domestically with the kiddos since the first was 12 weeks old, but our first international experience didn’t happen until the youngest was 4. It was by choice, too. My husband kept saying, “We should go! Just pack and go!” but I was hesitant because of jet lag and routine and not getting enough sleep. Boy. Was. I. WRONG. I wish I had known then the truth! The truth is the perfect time to go is when YOU want to go. The kids get excited because you are excited! The kids enjoy the trip because you share it with them. The adventure is endlessly more interesting and amazing when you share it with the kids and when you see it through their eyes also!

family Granada Spain

As for the logistics, I wish I had known that children are loved the world over and make fantastic travelers. Everything in the world is new to them so really – they are experts at exploring! Sleeping in new spots, eating new food, meeting new people – just a day in the life of a little one! Jet lag isn’t any fun for anyone, but it isn’t better or worse with a kiddo in tow! If you have to be up at 3 in the morning with a kiddo anyway, why not be in some amazing locale? So, plan the trip around YOU! What do YOU want to see – they will enjoy!

Happy Travels, wherever they take you!

Natalie, The Educational Tourist



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