A Kid’s Travel Guide To Rome

Rome, the Eternal City

Heading to Rome with the kiddos? Maximize that adventure with a guide to Rome just for kids. This consumable book helps kids internalize all the great stuff that Rome has to offer! Want to have a quiet, peaceful dinner while sipping a great Italian wine? Just pull out this kids’ books to have them reviewing information from the day, having fun, and letting you sip in peace.


What’s in A Kids’ Travel Guide to Rome by The Educational Tourist?

ALL the good stuff is included! Use this kids’ guide to Rome to easily travel with your kiddos.

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See the table of contents below.

Ancient Rome

Remus and Romulus

Festivals in Ancient Rome

Gods and Religion

Trevi Fountain (Read more about the Trevi Fountain here.)

The Cannon

Creepy Rome

Capuchin Crypt

Vatican City:  (Read more about Vatican City here.)

Smallest Country in the World

Laocoon and His Sons

St. Peter’s Basilica (Read more about St. Peter’s bones here.)

Swiss Guards

Sistine Chapel (Read more about Michelangelo’s amazing art here.)

Sights to See – Part 1:

The Colosseum (Read more about the colosseum here.)

Roman Army

Circus Maximus

Life in Ancient Rome:

Public Baths

The Forum




Roman Roads

Family Units


Sights to See – Part 2:

Spanish Steps


Galleria Borghese

Rome Now:

Food (Read more about the difference between gelato and ice-cream here.)


How to Communicate

Ideas and Inventions


When in Rome, do as the Romans do!

Jet Lag

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Kids' Travel Guide to Rome, Kids' Books Set in Italy, www.theeducationaltourist.com

This guide for Rome is written for elementary school age children – at their interest level and reading level. Includes activities for down times like waiting on the pizza to arrive! These activities will help cement the memories from the history and culture they are learning in their little minds.

Happy travels!

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

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