5 Japanese Foods Your Kid Will Love

5 Japanese Foods Your Kid Will Love

Bread roll. 5 child friendly Japanese foods

Guest Post written by Victoria Giang

All parents know the struggle of caring for a picky eater. Some kids just don’t want to eat anything, it seems! As if parenting wasn’t hard enough already, now you’ve got to decipher what your child could possibly want to eat.

Imagine you’re on vacation and everything has been going smoothly so far. You head out to a restaurant to experience some great foreign food. The plates come to the table and you think it all looks delicious, but your kid tries a single bite and now isn’t having any of it!

Japan is a beautiful country with beautiful food. If you’re visiting, it’s no doubt that you’ll want to enjoy your time there and not worry about your child being a picky eater. Luckily, there are plenty of amazing Japanese foods your kid will actually love to eat!

The best part is that most of these foods are foods you can eat, too. There’s no need to worry about finding some special food for you child. These ones are easy to find and order at any restaurant or even pick up from the store!

5 Japanese Foods Your Kid Will Love

5 Japanese Foods Your Kid Will Love – Udon

Udon noodle soup

Udon is a thick wheat noodle usually served in hot soup or broth. The most common broth udon comes in is called kakejiru and is made of dashi, soy sauce, and mirin. The noodles can also be served cold with sauce for dipping.

The noodles themselves aren’t very nutritious, so you shouldn’t make this the only thing your child eats, but they sure are great as a filling snack! Make sure to cut up the noodles into pieces to make it easier for your kid to eat.

5 Japanese Foods Your Kid Will Love – Miso Soup

miso soup

Miso soup is an extremely popular option you can find at almost any restaurant. It is a salty soup broth with vegetables and tofu pieces. This soup can also be great fun to slurp straight out of the bowl!

The soup is served hot, so you should let it cool for several minutes before letting your child sip.

5 Japanese Foods Your Kid Will Love – Edamame

Edamame in the pod

These are cute little green soybean pods that look just like whole green beans! Edamame is usually boiled or steamed and then served with a little bit of salt.

Most of these dishes are served salty, so be careful to either ask for a low sodium version or make sure not to let your child have too much.

5 Japanese Foods Your Kid Will Love – Anpan


Anpan, a.k.a. red bean cakes, are semi-sweet little cakes with a taste similar to chocolate. Because they’re not as sweet as other desserts, you can feel safe feeding them to your child!

These cakes usually come as cute balls that are just as adorable as your kid will look while eating them.

5 Japanese Foods Your Kid Will Love – Tamago Sushi

Tamago Sushi

There are mixed opinions on what age a child should be before they have sushi or sashimi. However, none of that matters with this kind of sushi, because there’s no fish involved!

Tamago sushi is made of egg and rice, making it a perfect nutritious meal for your kid. Now you don’t have to worry about going out for sushi and your child not being able to eat anything! Make them feel just like you with their own child-friendly sushi.

Not all sight seeing is done with your eyes! Food is a great part of the exploration. Sometimes, though, your kiddo is more than just a picky eater and has special needs when it comes to food. Also, allergies can play a part in food exploration. The Educational Tourist has tips for both.

Tips for the SUPER Picky Eater

How to Travel with Food Allergies

Traveling with kids is fun for the whole family. Build memories that will last a life time.

Guest Post written by Victoria Giang.

Victoria Giang is a home cooking mom and a food blogger behind How Daily. She loves traveling and write about her experience on the journey through authentic, original taste or traditional cuisine. One of her favorite writing is about Japanese cuisine, especially Japanese sushi. She has enjoyed fun time when making sushi at home with her kiddo’s help.

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  1. Anne says:

    Japan is also extremely baby friendly. When you goto the bathroom they even have special seats you can put your infant in!
    Agree the foods are amazing, and there are a wealth of options for your kids – ramen, soba (another type of buckwheat noodle), amazing fish (cooked is just as good) , tempura (lightly battered and fried foods), okonomiyaki (japanese pancake), the list goes on!

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