Monthly Archive: October 2015

cistern in Istanbul 3

Turkey photo essay: Family Adventure

A photo is worth one thousand words, right? Let the daydreaming about a family travel adventure begin! Turkey Photo Essay Turkey Photo Essay:  Instanbul Spice market – Incredible spot to explore with the kids-...


Camel Riding in Morocco with KIDS

Camel Riding in Morocco with KIDS When you research a family trip to Morocco  you will come across camel rides. Should you go camel riding with the kids? Is it too ‘touristy’? We decided...


Travel Tips for family vacations

Travel Tips for family vacations The is always a part omaking it easier really helps you arrive fresh and ready to explore the world! What can you do to make the journey even better?...


As seen on MilKIDS

The Educational Tourist is proud to contribute to MilKIDS.   Tips on how to plan an educational field trip or make a regularly scheduled family trip educational. 


Snake Charming in Morocco

Snake Charming Snake charming now: Snake charming is a performance of someone who pretends to hypnotize a snake and handles it in what looks like a dangerous fashion – perhaps even kissing it or...

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Texas Fall Foliage: Take the KIDS

Texas Fall Foliage Crisp fall temperatures bring on the gorgeous colors of fall leaves. Growing up in the far south of Texas, seeing the lovely colors of leaves was something I always dreamt of....


Cursive and history = important pair

Cursive and history go together Blame it on Common Core – cursive is dying. In many classrooms across the country, cursive is not a part of the day anymore. There are many who think...


Stop packing too much!

Stop Packing Too Much! It goes without saying that mom is synonymous with sherpa. It still amazes me all these years later how many pounds and sheer volume of stuff, such tiny little infants...


Family Dinner: Time to make travel memories

Family Dinner Is One Way To Make Travel Memories When we think of how to keep the kids busy and happily occupied we often reach for electronics – IPad, IPod, DS….etc. the never ending...