12 Days of Spain – Day 4

On the 4th day of Spain my true love gave to me….

photo from www.adoseofdannie.com

photo from www.adoseofdannie.com



flamenco, bailaoras, bailor, gypsies

What to do and say:

Flamenco is a style of dance that is popular in Spain. It involves hand clapping, foot stomping, and guitar music. The girl who dances the flamenco is called a bailaoras. She wears a long ruffled dance that is usually red, black, or white. She wears a rose in  her hair and sometimes carries a fan that she moves around while dancing.

Here are some examples of fans:


Her partner is called a bailor. He wears a red or black tuxedo and a special hat called a cordoban hat.

The dance is a mixture of dance styles from many cultures and countries. It started as a secret dance in a group called gypsies. Gypsies lived in Spain and weren’t liked by many people. They used this dance to show their sadness and not being accepted by others. At first the dance had to be performed in secret but later the king said it was OK to dance in public.

Watch this type of dance on you tube:

Dance is a way to show how you are feeling. So, get up, put on some music and dance!

Have fun making memories.

Happy travels,

Miss ET

Flamenco is a form of dancing that is popular in Spain.


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