12 Days of Spain – Day 3

On the 3rd day of Spain my true love gave to me….

Hot dog tapas

Hot dog tapas






food you have in the house

plates, cutlery

a creative atmosphere

globe/map/internet/world atlas –

What to say and do:

1) Use map/globe/internet/world atlas and find Spain.  Spain is far away from where you live. They speak a different language and use different money. Do you think they use the same food? Well, of course not!


The word tapas comes from the Spains word ‘to cover’. At first, the tapas were a slice of bread or meat which you used to cover your glass so the flies would stay out! The meat was very salty which made people thirsty….so they would drink more and order more drinks at restaurants. This way, the people who sold drinks would make more money. Clever!

2) They have many different and wonderful foods to try. Those of you who have a little Giada or Rachel Ray in your blood might enjoy finding a recipe for churros and hot chocolate. Miss ET and kiddos are looking forward to trying that on our spring visit to Spain!


If you are not the cooking type, like Miss ET, then we will focus on the cool way they like to serve food called tapas. Miss ET thought tapas were an actual dish. Not so! Tapas is just a way of serving – any food but in small pieces on a small plate, like h’ordeuvres.

Tapas are so important in Spain that there is a National Tapas competition each year. Many cooking schools in spain compete to see who can come up with the greatest tapas idea.

3) Gather the kiddos’ favorite foods. Let them help you make plate tapas style plates to serve for lunch or dinner. Teeny tiny peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, bananas slices with one small marshmallow or chocolate chip or dot of chocolate syrup on top, silver dollar pancakes,  cubes of ham and cheese on toothpicks like tiny shisk-ka-bobs. (Would love to see photos of your creations!)


In Spain, the tapas are eaten with toothpicks. You eat the food and leave the toothpick on your plate. When you are done, the waiter counts your toothpicks to see how much you ate. That is how they know how much to charge you for the food.

The food it usually a dinner type food like meat or veggies but not dessert type foods. They love olives, too!

4) When you drink your hot chocolate or milk – teach them to raise their glass and say cheers like the Spanish – Salud!


Enjoy the memory making!

Happy Travels,

Natalie, The Educational Tourist


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